Wednesday, 24 December 2014

One week to go

So then we started this hip-hop outfit...
It's been an interesting year. I'll admit, not drinking has given me the capacity to work harder.

Or at least, I think it has. It might just be that I've had more work.

I've certainly had less fun, but I've become more determined and learned a lot.

I've got a sober Christmas to go, two days work at ITN and then we're off to my brother-in-law Dave's, for NYE.

Rather than post the traditional "Wahey!" video of me having my first drink in a year at midnight, I am tempted to collude with Dave and the other houseguests to recreate the scene below. For lolz.

But I have a feeling they'll all be too pissed.

This project has a sponsorship element. If you have been holding off donating to see whether or not I make it all the way, believe me, I've got this far - Christmas won't trip me up. If you can see your way to bunging the four worthy causes I'm supporting a few quid, I would be most grateful.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

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