Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Let's make this interesting

Happy New Year. Last night was spent getting plastered. I drained the last of my champagne as the pre bong Ben chimes rang out of my television speakers and then stayed up for a further two hours gasping alternately in horror and admiration at Jools Holland's Hootenanny.

So here we are. In order to raise some money for charity, keep you interested and provide me with an incentive to stay off the booze in 2014, I have set up a donations page. With a twist.

Every pound you donate will go to charity. If I cave and have a drink at any stage in 2014, your money will still go to charity, but I will also refund double your donation out of my own pocket. Like an old-fashioned bet.

So why not click on the link (or if you're having difficulty, copy and paste this:

into your web browser), donate a tenner, and then spend all of 2014 constantly badgering me to go for a drink so you can get double your money back, still raise money for some excellent charities and have a right old laugh at my expense.



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  2. Well done for giving this a go, you will also save a fortune

  3. What if you "accidentally" drink?
    I'm not casting aspersions on the company you keep, but y'know, someone may spike your drink. Or, due to your adventurous lifestyle, you may find yourself in a strange land being offered some of the local tipple and not realise until it's too late - perhaps because you didn't want to offend. Or you might eat a chocolate with some cherry liquer in the middle. Et cetera.

    1. Hi Gordon. I don't know about that. I haven't set any rules, but I think I'd have to be conscious I was having a drink or about to have a drink in order to fail. That seems fair, doesn't it? And don't worry about the company I keep - two people have already said to me "Go on - no one will ever know"! I've got my eye on them… N