Friday, 26 December 2014


Walton PureGym 7.30am, Boxing Day
I am a big fan of laziness. I champion it. I think time spent in idle contemplation, relaxing, reading, drinking and socialising is time well spent. It has to be balanced by work and productivity - I think you should earn your leisure time to make it more meaningful - but it seems too many of us have bought into the myth of hard graft making us all winners. For most of us, our labour is making someone else a winner. And that winner is usually a prick.

In the light of the last 12 months, I might have to reassess the above sentiment. It could well have been the booze talking. This year I was sending work emails on Christmas Eve and in the gym by 6.30am on Boxing Day, where for a full hour I was joined by no one. Which surprised me. I thought there'd be a few. When there isn't one other person doing what you're doing you start to wonder if what you're doing might be a little bit weird.

Thing is, much as it's nice to spend time clearing up after and sorting out arguments between the kids, I rather enjoyed being productive on Christmas Eve, and I rather enjoyed going to the gym this morning. Christmas Day itself was... well... calorific?

I've enjoyed working hard this year. Possibly far too much. But it has brought its rewards, and I'm enjoying those too.

I guess it's all about balance.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

One week to go

So then we started this hip-hop outfit...
It's been an interesting year. I'll admit, not drinking has given me the capacity to work harder.

Or at least, I think it has. It might just be that I've had more work.

I've certainly had less fun, but I've become more determined and learned a lot.

I've got a sober Christmas to go, two days work at ITN and then we're off to my brother-in-law Dave's, for NYE.

Rather than post the traditional "Wahey!" video of me having my first drink in a year at midnight, I am tempted to collude with Dave and the other houseguests to recreate the scene below. For lolz.

But I have a feeling they'll all be too pissed.

This project has a sponsorship element. If you have been holding off donating to see whether or not I make it all the way, believe me, I've got this far - Christmas won't trip me up. If you can see your way to bunging the four worthy causes I'm supporting a few quid, I would be most grateful.

Have a wonderful Christmas.