Sunday, 2 November 2014

Calories in alcohol

Drug takers in a drug den on my news telly last night
The BBC's Dominic Hughes ventured into a boozer on Friday on the back of a report which suggested, nay demanded, calorie information be made obvious on each alcohol purchase.

As part of the ten piece, Mr Hughes (above, left) asked drinkers to rank the above items in calorific order. If you can't see the choices in the picture, they are:

a) a pint of lager
b) a large (250ml) glass of red wine
c) a doughnut
d) a pint of Guinness.

Here's your answer:

Basically, five pints of lager = four doughnuts = 900 calories.

I don't want to be too glib, because one of the ways I learned to lose weight was by realising how many calories there were in everything, and then not eating as much.

Last year I lost a stone without drastically modifying my alcohol consumption. I still drank as much as I wanted, but there were times when I stopped myself from having a ("just one") pint because the effect it would have on me calorifically outweighed the effect it would have on me psychoactively.

However, in the general scheme of things 900 calories is a small price to pay for a cracking night out. I would rather forgo a posh dinner and stick to the five pints if it meant sneaking in under my calorie goal. Certainly my awareness of the calories in alcohol stopped me compounding the problem going home via the kebab van.

This year is different. I have not had a drop of alcohol. Yet I have not lost any weight.

For the last 22 years alcohol, and the carbs in its delivery system, were a regular part of my diet. You would have thought the weight would have been falling off me in 2014. Sadly not.

Have I been compensating for my lack of alcohol by eating more rubbish? Probably.

On balance, the more information you have about anything, the more likely you are to make a better decision. This kind of stuff:

is, therefore, fine by me. It won't work, it's not the answer, but it's a small nudge in the right direction.


All pics: BBC News

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